Melanie Howarth


Therapeutic Tarot Practitioner & Holistic Health Therapist. Founder of Tarot And Tea and the Tarot And Tea Psychic Cafe.

• Channel • Empath • Healer • Clairsentient • Clairtangent •

• Claircognisant • Clairvoyant • Clairaudient • Clairalient • Psychic •

Melanie offers private readings, individual healing sessions, talks, group facilitation (women’s circles), workshops, teaches courses and works at events. She has over 35 years experience reading Tarot. Other modalities offered include: Dream Work, Shadow Work, Colour Energy Healing, Massage Therapies, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Champissage and Nutritional Advice. 

She works from a holistic perspective in order to 

  • assist clients with their personal growth and goals
  • help them improve their personal health & wellbeing
  • help them improve their communication skills and      authenticity in dealing with interpersonal relationships.


Intuitive Tarot Reader, Channel & Crystal Healer

A highly intuitive healer Chanzi uses the sacred power of words, Tarot and crystals to deliver healing and messages to assist you on your life journey.

A skilled Tarot reader, Chanzi gives clear direction regarding work, relationships (platonic, family or romantic) or life dilemmas. 

She works with energy and is able lift the mood and shine light on the darkest of situations.

As a crystal healer Chanzi combines Tarot, sound and intention with crystals to help remove blockages, rebalancing the mind, body and spirit in a very intuitive way. 

Available for crystal healing.


Fonteyne is a London based psychic, intuitive, oracle, tarot and star gazing astrology reader with over ten years experience. 

Her specialty is in guiding you in the art of getting out of your own way as well as offering positive and practical ways to navigate love and relationships based on her psychic, intuitive understanding of your situation. 

Fonteyne delivers blunt but kind truths to assist you in recognising your choices and opportunities, to help you to see your situation as it really is, empower you to make the most of your circumstances and support you to live your best life!


Gilly Bean


Tarot & Oracle Reader 

Gilly, an intuitive, with a strong connection with Angels, communicates their messages to you and has many years reading experience.    

Her psychic readings allow you to receive an energetic grounding perspective of where you are in your life now.  

She channels guidance and wisdom which comes through for you in a safe space where you are heard and listened to, holding space with loving kindness.  

Gilly also a professional musician, can combine her psychic and healing abilities with her musical skills for private readings and channel healing music which she then plays for you on piano.



Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Psychic, Aura Reader & Medium.

Jess uses her psychic abilities and Tarot to give you guidance and clarity. 

She can help you recognise factors affecting you in various areas of your life and assist you in choosing your path forward confidently. 

As an Empath she can often sense remotely on an issue. If you want to know how to better communicate with a partner, boss or potential love interest she may be of assistance.

She has worked with her dedicated and trusted spirit guide team since childhood. Channeling spirit, she aims to serve and empower you.


Stevie is an outstanding Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium. He is an extremely versatile reader with amazing accuracy. Have no doubt, Stevie will wow you! He is also a trained life coach and healer.


The tools Stevie may use include cards, crystal ball or runes, if a stronger connection is needed. Each reading is delivered with compassion and Stevie will work hard to empower you to make the right choices in life. 

He has been a platform medium all over London for many years.


Stevie is the recruitment and training manager for Crystal Clear Psychics and also runs their Training Academy.



Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient & Tarot Reader, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression Practitioner and trained in Bereavement Support

Susanna uses her gift to provide information about your current life and bring messages from loved ones when appropriate.

She has been psychic all her life but has spent the last 15 years mastering skills and working as a Psychic Medium. 

During a reading she will use her skills and knowledge to deliver messages in a manner that brings love & comfort as well as clarity, guidance and encouragement to empower those who seek her expertise.


Psychic, Healer & Intuitive Life Coach 

She has many years psychic experience and comes from a family of psychics. 

She takes great honour in delivering messages and guidance to her clients which help nurture, support, and spark their own intuition, working to empower them in their life choices. 

Zorah guides you to acknowledge outdated limiting beliefs standing in the way of harmony in your life, creating a more fulfilling and tranquil life . 

She navigates people through deep internal transformation, dark night of the soul and brings clarity during confusing times that people go through when on a journey of transformation.


Debbie is a practitioner of many holistic therapies and ancient healing arts and has 20+ years experience. 

She tunes into what your body needs intuitively using a fusion of different massage and healing techniques and finishing with a spritz of aromatherapeutic hand blended aura spray and a gentle sound healing tune up using solfeggio tuning forks 

The modalities Debbie works with include:  

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Onsite Chair Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue Massage. 

Debbie is also a Sound Healer & Gong Therapist, Shakti Dance Facillitator, Womens Heart And  Womb Yoga Teacher, Childrens Yoga, Movement & Meditation Teacher.

 Reynolds offers a wide range of healing Kristof


Eugina is an International Pleasure & Intimacy coach, Pranic Energy Healer, speaker and founder of The Orgasmic Queen.

She helps clients develop confidence in dating, to create juicy, passionate relationships.

For the past 5 years, Eugina has had the honour of working with people internationally to help them create and keep intimate relationships that lead to marriage.

Eugina is very passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their deepest Desires, explore sexuality and open up to love. 

Learn to reclaim your feminine and masculine power, reconnect with your sensuality and learn how to use your emotions in a whole new way!


Felipe is an Intuitive Shamanic Healer, a Thai Yoga Massage Dynamic Therapy Pratitioner, a Yoga Teacher RYT 200h,  a teacher of Meditation & Mindfulness and a musician specialising in playing the handpan. 

He has studied at both the Padma Karma Yoga School and the Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage. 

Felipe’s healing work is practiced with a truly holistic approach that encompasses healing of mind body and spirit with a focus  of loving compassion. 

Felipe’s mission is to help his clients begin the journey in reconnecting with themselves, mind body and soul, through the healing power of energy, sound and touch.


Kristof is a massage therapist with over 18 years experience, 15 of which have been based in London.

During the course of his healing practice he has created his own unique style of Chair Massage using movements derived from a variety of specialised techniques. 

His specialities are Seated Acupressure Massage (alternatively called On-site Massage or Chair Massage), Swedish Massage, Holistic Pulsing and he incorporates his knowledge of Reflexology and Reiki.

A chair massage treatment with Kristof may help you manage stress, relieve headaches, stiff neck, shoulder tension, lower back pain and improve posture leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed.


The dance of life can bring you to a stand still with fatigue, tension and stress that you may experience on a daily basis. A healing massage therapy session with Tim can leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Tim, a professional dancer for the last 29 years, has an intuitive and specialised understanding of the human body. 

As a massage therapist for the last 4 years, specialising in sports massage therapy, Tim can help you alleviate every day tension, tightness and stress as well specific stresses and speed up recovery related to physical activities such as sports and dance.