About Us


Tarot And Tea Psychic Café Mission Statement

The vision of our organisation is to curate a 24 hour global service that gives service users access to high quality, professional and experienced readers, healers, holistic  health and well-being therapists, coaches, mentors, guides and practitioners in the arena of Mind, Body & Spirit which provides flexible and fair working practices that are financially rewarding and non exploitative for our members, offering them true autonomy and providing a network of care, support and community for them based on mutual benefit, respect and friendship. 

The Tarot And Tea Psychic Café was founded 2019, in London, UK by Melanie Howarth, a Therapeutic Tarot Practitioner and Holistic Health Therapist. 

It was created to meet a need she feels exists within the Psychic Services, Healing and Therapeutic Services Industries for greater personal autonomy and fairer working practices for workers without compromising on quality of service for clients. In other words, an ethical model that also stands as a hallmark of quality service.

The original members of the collective knew each other personally as friends and colleagues from working at various events and organisation in London. They chose to work together collaboratively, pooling resources at large

events that they would have been unable to access as professionals individually. Over the course of the first year new members were introduced.

In 2020 as the first hints of the global pandemic and various lockdowns appeared around the world we decided to more fully embrace online working. We ran a number of online psychic fairs and began to add new members to the collective who were based internationally.

Currently we have a presence online using many different social media platforms which includes: Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, Clubhouse, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram as well as here on our website which acts as a hub for our many collective activities. We are highly active on the Clubhouse, holding daily discussion rooms and reading rooms. Our members and our clients are found in many different countries. We are still growing! New applicants undergo a vetting procedure to make sure they meet our high standard and ethics. (Spiritual Workers - Click here to find out more about joining us!)

 The Tarot And Tea Psychic Cafe Collective now  comprises a team spiritual workers from various countries around the world working within many different modalities to provide a wide range of services that aim to

facilitate personal growth and wellbeing. 

For more information on The Tarot And Tea Psychic Cafe Collective please explore our FAQ page and our Team Directory!