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Hello and welcome to the Tarot And Tea Psychic Café Collective website. We are a global collective of  professional spiritual workers who provide a range of services using many different modalities. We provide high quality spiritual services and products in an ethical way. 

Within the spiritual and psychic services sector there can be hidden exploitation, with workers receiving very little money for their work, unable to promote themselves as individuals and unable to personally vet clients for suitability or properly maintain the connections they make with the clients they work with and with the clients being charged high premium rate prices for very little time. 

The Tarot And Tea Psychic Café Collective was created in May 2019 to properly address these issues and shortcomings within our industry, to be ethical and provide a genuinely alternative model to that of the large psychic service companies that many of us have previously worked for. When you purchase a service or product from one of our members using this website, that payment that you make goes direct to the individual team member and they receive the full amount of money that you pay them. The Spiritual worker remains independent but has the advantage of support and advertising that the collective provides and you as a consumer have the assurance that the person you choose to work with is talented, professional and experienced in the area they work 

This site exists to promote the work of the members of our collective. Our members are passionate about spirituality, divination, healing, growth and being of in.

Life is full of surprises! service as changemakers. On this site you will discover details of all our members and the services they offer. These services include readings, healing sessions, therapeutic services, programs, workshops, seminars, courses, talks, private functions/ events entertainment, corporate services, as well as products including publications, divination tools, healing tools, ceremonial items, jewellery and more!  

We, The Tarot And Tea Psychic Café Collective, work together and collaborate using many different online platforms and work together at live events. We are a collective formed for mutual benefit and based on a relationship of co-operation, respect and support, a team, a circle of friends and a soul family.

This website provides links to all the various social media platforms that we as a collective are active on. You will find our team directory with detailed information about each member of the collective, the services they offer and how you can contact them. You can also make direct payments to members from their biographies on this site. Alternatively you can peruse the different products and items being sold by our members, find out about live events and book tickets to any seminars, workshops etc that they may be holding. You can also find articles and submissions by our members on our blog!

Your Fortune awaits you!
 Disclaimer: Please be aware that the Tarot And Tea Psychic Café Collective as a business entity and this website act as a third party Directory. As such, should you enter into a transaction with any individual member of the collective you are entering into  a business relationship with that member directly and not with The Tarot And Tea Psychic Café. Any tax, insurance or legislative requirements of the service provided will be met by that individual member with whom you have entered into a transaction, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country they are resident of and working within. Each member of the collective will have their own policies on pricing, services, reimbursement, shipping etc. Any liabilities related to services provided will be the sole responsibility of the Collective member with whom you have entered into a transaction.  

Tarot And Tea Psychic Cafe Collective Services:

Services offered by our members may provide guidance or clarification on your life choices but do not and should not replace your own personal intuition, instincts, judgement or good old fashioned common sense on these matters. Our members do not take responsibility for client’s decisions and their consequences based on reading, healings or other services given. 

The Psychic Services provided are offered as entertainment only. At all times the client remains fully responsible for their actions, decisions and choices and any resulting consequences in connection with any matters referred to or indicated during an appointment. 

Please be assured that your session is confidential. The only caveat to this is where there is justifiable concern or the very real possibility of a client causing harm to either themselves or to others or a stated intention to commit a crime.

Tea is like Tarot - A ritual for sharing!